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Someone that doesn't know how to pleasure a woman very well because they can't work the clitoris properly. (CLIToris + idIOT).
Clyde tried to make Bonnie come, but he was such a clitiot that he couldn't get her off.
by Jeff D August 09, 2005
A very well trimmed and very sexy pussy that turns you on so much you can't help but be a "Hungryman" on an "Extended Stay" putting you at risk for "tacochin", "Bungtongue" and possibly "FUBA"
She has such a hot twat that I dropped everything I was doing to go on an extended stay with her.
by Jeff D April 22, 2003
A wonderful, superb and remarkably nice ASS.
That cuntfident bellybutton pierced, tatbooty'd slunthore has a butt that's totally fantASStic! I'm no clitiot - so I wouldn't ignorgasm her like every other enigman.
by Jeff D October 21, 2005
Picking up a chick for sex and then dumping her right after you give her your "ghost"

See "humpty dumpty"
by Jeff D April 22, 2003
Foreplay consisting of frantically pushing on her clit like you would a doorbell until she opens up and lets you in.

"She wouldn't give it up until I gave her the Clit Doorbell"
by Jeff D April 19, 2003
Someone that puts an American Flag and/or some Sports franchise flag on their car when they drive around for everyone to see.
The Flaggit in that Ford Expedition must be a Lakers fan.
by Jeff D April 22, 2003
What America seems to be morphing into where virtually everyone is trying to pull some type of SCAM on other people - all seemingly without repercussion.
Only Enron and Worldcom could happen in SCAMerica.
by Jeff D April 21, 2003
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