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The act of rebels retaliating against a person(s), idea, goverment, buildings, laws, rules, street signs, gaint cocks, railrodes, petitions, religion, Zues, China, a town bicicle who cant acomidate more then 7, a couple getting married, Mac computers, bff's, my dog, themselves, and people who ask the fucking worst motherfucking stupid ass fucking question that only a mother fucking small balled cock boy who had his ass violated by a fucking HUGE hippo would fucking ask... "why".
Dude one: Omfg those there is a rebaliation happening
Dude two: Holy shit against who
Dude one: I think against you
by Jeff Breeds June 17, 2007
Extreme Doggy Paddlers. A kid, usually very little, who enters a pool in any way and does a rapid thrashing foward stroke, like a dog, in an attempt to reach saftey. A kid who does the doggy paddle very flulently and makes no attempt to do a more efficent stroke to reach saftey, dispite distance; usually because they cant swim. Aslo, they are very stupid beacuse they still enter the water when they cant swim besides their doggy paddle.
Kid 1: Damn son look at all those EDP's, they look like dogs taking it up the ass
Kid 2: Thats my brother man... its his only stoke bedises drowning
by Jeff Breeds June 14, 2007
Lesibian Lovers Forever. Two girls who take Bff to a diferent level
Me and Meg are LLF's
by Jeff Breeds June 20, 2007
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