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5 definitions by Jeff Bedia

A person who does not do his/her part as a citizen or his/her country.
A Shitizen is someone who whines about the way our government runs our country but does not bother to vote during elections and referenda.
by Jeff Bedia February 06, 2008
A combination of Mormonism and Scientology.
My friend's mom is a Mormon and his dad is a Scientologist. That makes him a Mormontologist. He practices Mormontology.
by Jeff Bedia February 10, 2008
Any occupation and/or work that promotes and adheres to saving the environment.
The next generation of industries will be environmental freindly and will be offereing Green Collar Jobs.
by Jeff Bedia February 17, 2008
Any place or thing that evokes a memory of your home.
The chalet I stayed in last week was such a 'homesome' place. It brought back memories of my childhood. I almost cried.
by Jeff Bedia February 06, 2008
Anything or anyone that causes impediments in President and/or Senator Clinton's strategy or goal.
Sen. Clilnton's vote on the war has proven to be a clintonite in her quest to win the Demoratic nomination.
by Jeff Bedia February 11, 2008