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A girl who will do anything in bed.Usually she is the one who is on the offensive and conducts acts that most girls won't do.
"I didn't get to bed until 7 O'clock this morning.Some holelicker I met at the bar had me up all night. She was freaky!
by Jeff Barr January 31, 2007
A pandamonuim reaction as a result of an act of goodwill.Usually apeshit is a negative reaction but this version is positive.Being used by corporations in the business world.
Boardroom meeting:

Sath:How do you think Rene will react when he sees the fantabulous double page spread we are giving his brands in the next catalog?

Jeff:I dunno.I think he is going to go apeshit.


Grant:Absolutley! Apeshit.
by Jeff Barr June 03, 2007

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