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A silent, yet super stinky fart.
I love to release my Ninja Farts just before exiting the elevator.
#martial fartist #don fee #dawn fee #taco smell #moist turd gas
by Jeff Artist November 28, 2006
A ninja fart that has been held in and then is strategically released right as you hear someone else close by rip a big one. That way, EVERYONE, except you, will just think it is ONE HUGE STINKY FART from the other guy!
Since I work with Old Ass Blaster, and only release stealth farts, no one even realizes what a fartist I am.
#pardon the gas #beans beans #ninja fart #ninja farts #martial fartist #don fee #dawn fee #bean bomb #taco smell
by Jeff Artist December 29, 2006
A fart. So named because beans make excellent fart fuel and cause many of the farts we smell.
I was alone in the elevator, so I decided to drop one super stinky bean bomb right then and there, so I would not offend anyone nor embarrass myself. Right then, the elevator stopped, and that super foxy chick I've been wanting to ask out appeared as the door slid open. She smiled invitingly. Then the looks of suprise, repulsion and disgust quickly washed across her face. "GROSS!", she yelled, as she turned around and jogged towards the elevator down the hall.
#farts are flammable #taco smell #martial fartist #don fee #dawn fee #ninja fart #ninja farts #lonely? #burt farp
by Jeff Artist December 08, 2006
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