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Any type of chalky, hardening compound used in building construction. Products such as drywall joint compound, floor leveling compound, etc.
Customer: How long will it take to finish the drywall?
Drywall contractor: About a week. We need to hang it, then apply the first coat of magumpus. I need to come back a couple days later and apply another coat of magumpus. Then sand the magumpus and paint the walls.

Customer: What are you gonna do about the floor? It slopes down toward the center of the room.
Contractor: Well, I need to mix up some magumpus, pour it on the floor to make it level, then put a layer of plywood over the floor.

by Jeff 46902 November 29, 2007
A person's belly button. Comes from country singer Jann Browne showing her belly button in her 1990 music video for the song "Tell Me Why".
That cheerleader's shell is too short. I can see her jannbrowner every time she lifts her arms up.
by Jeff 46902 September 04, 2007
(verb, transitive) -- To put salt on something. Can be used for any method (shaker, paper packet, twisting a sea-salt dispenser, etc.), but the word comes from the sound of using a salt shaker (shoonk, shoonk, shoonk). The double-O is pronounced like the one in the word "foot".
My fish needs some salt. I need to shoonk it.

"Do you want me to shoonk your eggs?" "No, I don't like salt on eggs."

by Jeff 46902 November 29, 2007
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