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409 definitions by Jeff

district of columbia
also know as the Dank City (home of the friendly pimp)
welcome to the dank city
by Jeff November 30, 2003
mmf, is the leet, or 1337 term for the sound of a muffled climax produced by one (male) wanking.
Omg dude, did you see that chick at the show? She was teh sexiest, I was like mmf...mmf..mmf all afternoon.
by Jeff July 27, 2004
Loves Anal sex, jewelry and LOVES being on the cover of every magazine. Loves attention and needs to be in the camera at all times. Bettie Page is her idol and wants to be just like her. Very overrated porn star and fetish model. Silicon breast. A natural blonde.
Cover of Playboy 2002.
by Jeff March 15, 2004