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the REAl 1337 speling of penis... or else a penis that is high tech
/\/\3 5() 1337. /\/\'/ Pen16 15 |31993|2 7|-|4/\/ U|2'5

pff, my pen16 is a penis AND a can opener!
by Jeff May 25, 2004
It's kind of like Green Day, but a whole lot better.
DESAPARECIDOS is difficult to spell
by Jeff May 06, 2005
when a man or woman have extremley hard nipples when turned on or cold
christine W and alexa p have hard nipples when looking at jeff bowers juring the hot summer
by jeff May 13, 2004
That guy has a big boonga
by Jeff August 03, 2003
A bunny. Cute and fluffy-like. yay Bunnies!
Wahine is a bunny. To be cute and fluffy. Bunny-ish
by Jeff March 01, 2005
A middle-aged teenager who enjoys long ballet sessions on the mid-ocean breeze. One day danya will asplode!!!@#!@# ONO.
danya eats corn chips ALL DAY LONG.
by jeff April 09, 2005
popular lingo created by Ryans old girlfriend who described everything as dank as fuck, basically just means really dank.
"That system of a down shirt is dank as fuck"-Dank as fuck girl
by Jeff January 22, 2005

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