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the REAl 1337 speling of penis... or else a penis that is high tech
/\/\3 5() 1337. /\/\'/ Pen16 15 |31993|2 7|-|4/\/ U|2'5

pff, my pen16 is a penis AND a can opener!
by Jeff May 25, 2004
It's kind of like Green Day, but a whole lot better.
DESAPARECIDOS is difficult to spell
by Jeff May 06, 2005
when a man or woman have extremley hard nipples when turned on or cold
christine W and alexa p have hard nipples when looking at jeff bowers juring the hot summer
by jeff May 13, 2004
That guy has a big boonga
by Jeff August 03, 2003
A bunny. Cute and fluffy-like. yay Bunnies!
Wahine is a bunny. To be cute and fluffy. Bunny-ish
by Jeff March 01, 2005
A middle-aged teenager who enjoys long ballet sessions on the mid-ocean breeze. One day danya will asplode!!!@#!@# ONO.
danya eats corn chips ALL DAY LONG.
by jeff April 09, 2005
The word ream is derived from the egyptians, it is believed to mean a whale's vagina.

The actual definition is: To completely dominate or own somebody beyond belief.
"Damn i totally REAMED you in that race the other day" or "I reamed that guy in a fight"
by Jeff March 01, 2005

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