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slang term for heroin
"i just bought a gram of that ronnie and now i'm nodding out. i think i'm gonna puke."
by jeff July 16, 2008
jeff is a bum who is mean to his sister
liz is gay! :O

by jeff January 01, 2005
The point where one realizes that he or she is wasted-ass drunk. Also, the future sense of wanting to get drunk, summed up in one word.
"Man, I drank so much crown and coke...I was tatties by midnight!"

"Yo, what are we doing tonight?"
by Jeff April 15, 2005
tastes horrible
this broccili tastes like oki
by Jeff November 07, 2003
the slang term for a "vagina" signifying the utter stupidity of the word, but it also has another meaning. The "Git" part means that you want to "get into", while the box simply signifies the woman's pussy.
Holy Shit! That Bitch has got one dandy gitbox! I'm 'a take a look at it!
by jeff March 01, 2005
A black man stealing his neighbors tv.
THe more expensive the tv the more Happy the Negro is.
by Jeff February 16, 2005
See also homosexual, the worst team in NHL history, with the worst regular season record. Will never win the Cup, especially with Patrick Lalime, a goalie who couldn't stop a puck if he did.
And once again the Ottawa Senators have fallen at the hands of the Maple Leafs!
by Jeff March 27, 2004

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