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A lousy boss who wears tight pants and drives a jeep. He constantly plays UPSwith women.
Working for Demko is like going to Neverland, if you are 8 years old.
by Jeff January 05, 2004
a word u say when ur mad
(I fell off my bike)..... fucamonk
by Jeff November 07, 2003
bounce aka bobo
you stepped in the cement, ass clown
by jeff September 12, 2003
Jeff: do you know what a caucus is?
Matt: yes
Matt: I think they were talking about a caucus when I was in England
Matt: Something to do with the house of Parliament
Jeff: The word caucus is a North American Indian word, thought to be of Algonquin origin, meaning a gathering of the ruling tribal chiefs. The modern definition describes caucuses as a process of political party members gathering to make policy decisions and to select candidates.
Matt: ahh yes
Matt: They smoked a shitload of mushrooms (no pun intended) and sat around the sweat-hut trying to determine whether Little Big Sheep or Big Little Sheep would be next in line to be the chief
Matt: One of them tripped and fell (still no pun intended), and yelled "CAUCUS" as he hit the floor
The 2004 Iowa caucus was won by John Kerry
by Jeff January 21, 2004
A term for a guy's jizz. Magma (volcanic flow from eruption) from the schmag (cock). Get it?
Dick laughed as Sally's face was blasted with his schmagma.
by Jeff January 11, 2004
Jeff Miyahara
by Jeff March 21, 2003
a fish that is black
i prefer white fish my self, keep your nigger fish to your self
by Jeff March 27, 2005

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