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trying is something should never be done under any circumstance...for example this site has to many ppl trying...2 see someone that tried look up civic?
hey...look at me im trying...by looking ehhhhh
by jeff April 11, 2005
a lazy stiff whos brother in law is also his unkle and mother is his wife and his daughter is his causin and are definitly from TEXAS!
WATCH TV! and look for your nearest trailer park tree house and might see some.
by jeff January 23, 2005
The face made buy a guy when a girl "accidently" uses her teeth.
Dude, sally made me grimace the other day, and I wanted to cry
by Jeff January 13, 2004
word used when explaining how hood someone is. similar to the word douv
damn fom is way hood
by jeff March 22, 2005
while a girl is sucking your dick, you pull it out and spank her in the face while saying bad dog.
*smack *smack "bad dog"
by jeff April 19, 2004
when a man ejackulates down a womens throat an she coughs it up due to the force
the bitch copped a spitting dragon
by jeff July 18, 2003
Ones breast looks like testicals.
That fucking kid has breasticals!
by Jeff March 20, 2005

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