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Short for elite, leet represents exactly what elite stands for and more. Confined to mainly hard-core gamer use.
Damn, that kid is leet.
by Jeff April 15, 2004
An insult most often directed toward very eccentric and uninhibited individuals whose inconsiderate actions frequently hinder their ability to socialize and develop relationships with others.
That guy was a complete douchebag, always making an ass out of himself.
by jeff March 21, 2004
someone who's just rippin.
Just fuckin goosin it!

(in a vehicle)
by jeff August 22, 2003
1.adj. the colour of vomit.
i owned a few borange shirts in the eighties.
by jeff January 12, 2005
sum1 usually a faggit who rappes someone via pie hole.
jeff da maori is a shit pusher
by jeff December 09, 2004
More fondly refered to as "derf" or "derf-derf" he is the most idiotic and worthless kid in my psych class. He laughs at everything you say to him which more often than not is an insult, usually referring to his step-mom who has fake titays.
hey derf, you ever see your moms fake boobs? cause you are worthless like that
by Jeff January 31, 2005
A slurr often said by Rick James
im Rick James biotch
by Jeff March 17, 2004

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