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A substitution in grammar for the combination of "any better" in a sentence.

It originates from the idea of using "butter" instead of "better", so when the word "better" would arise in a sentence, you would substitute "butter" in for "better." Using this axiom, we can further deduce that "any better" can simplify further into "eddie vedder."

"If you think and sound it out, it just makes sense." - Ed Mescaline
Lord Bullingdon: The weather outside couldn't get any vedder.
Eddie Vedder: You mean, any better?
Lord Bullingdon: Yeah, that's what I said.
by Jefbag March 25, 2010
It's where the male shits half way out, you know like a prairie dog, and then lets it harden into a penis-shaped form. You can possibly use a type of adhesive to make it harden, but I'm not quite sure what really works yet. Then you pursue to fuck someone really hard with the hardened piece of shit, and resulting in it crumbling in their vagina. Yep.
After four months of preparation, I gave Thelma a Steamy Dave.
by JefBag October 03, 2009
A subset of microeconomics in which the prospect makes little to no money but still knows how to spend it all.
Mike: Yo Moe, you still working in that podunk town at the mega crag?

Moe: Yeah, making minimum wage still. Yo check this newly purchased Buddhist Shrine out. It was only half off if I purchased a new Mazda Civic.

Mike: What's a Mazda Civic?

Moe: Ionno. They said they were gonna send it when I paid off the $30k loan and joined a pyramid scheme.

Mike: That's Harkaesion Economics right there. You got swindled, son.

Moe: Heard that.
by JefBag February 26, 2012
This is an alternate way of saying "Of course", except it sounds more definite than of course. Almost like a combination of "but of course" and "no, of course".
Brandon: Hey, have you played that new game Syberia? It's a real hootenanny.

Boyd: Mmmm nuvcourse, nuvcourse.
by JefBag October 07, 2009
When Chrysler keeps asking for money and you want to express it by blasphemizing the Christian figure Jesus Christ.

It's an exclamatory statement used specifically for when Chrysler does something wrong.
Blair: (reading from article) Chrysler has asked for another $5 billion for the bale out to be a success.

Wood: Jesus Chrystler!
by JefBag October 03, 2009

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