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This is a form of a zombie, that instead of craving meat/fish/poultry, it craves nothing but vegetables, eggs, and dairy products. It's main course that it desires is a salad, since it's usually heard walking around saying "salad".

No one knows exactly sure how the evolution of vegetarian zombies occurred, but some suspect that when the person got infected and became a zombie, this person was a vegetarian, so their eating habits carried over.

Barry: I can't believe that zombie didn't eat us!

Lynton: You shouldn't have worried, it's a vegetarian zombie. His diet consists of vegetables, dairy products, and things that aren't meat.

*zombie in the distance* Salad, SALAD!
by Jef Harkay January 22, 2009
The type of imagery that comes from the summation of using a whole slew of modes with molding. The following equation explains the definition:

(sum 0 to N Mode) + Moldable = Modeable.

The most notable (modeable) example is Dustin Hoffman's teeth in the movie Hook. If you're confused, ask yourself, "How do they make Dustin's teeth look so real, with the gapping and disgusting yellow tint?" and you'll get this word as the answer.
Hoffman: Yo Dustin, why are your teeth so argy-bargy?

Dustin: Simply because of Modeable Imagery--a new technique being implemented, especially for special effects in movies.

Hoffman: Splash idea!
by Jef Harkay December 20, 2010
You + understand. A question usually posed to see if the person needs any further clarification of the subject being talked about.
Jeremy: So the indefinite integral of du/u is the ln |u| + c.
Jeremy: Yunderstand?
Tony: Yes.
by Jef Harkay January 21, 2009

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