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3 definitions by Jeezlebauckle

similar to diarrhea, occurs when one has eaten incredibly large amounts of fiber- far larger than the daily recommended amount- in a day's time and thus experiences excessive defication and gas as a result.
"Dude, are you okay? I heard terrible noises coming from in there."
-"Yeah, I'm fine. I had a ham sandwich on whole wheat, a cheese sandwich on whole wheat flat bread, 4 fiber loaded snack bars, some almonds, and a footlong sub on whole wheat today. It was some epic FIBERRHEA, but I feel awesome now.
by Jeezlebauckle April 11, 2010
What one drinks shortly before engaging in the sport of trap shooting. Almost always Mountain Dew.
I got a 12 pack of trapshootinjuice for the tournament tomorrow
by Jeezlebauckle April 11, 2010
"What Would Jason Do?" Refers to the fictional character Jason Bourne of the Bourne Identity/Supremacy/Ultimatum, as portrayed by Matt Damon, who is repeatedly capable to resolve situations at gunpoint from multiple assaulters, in the most bad ass way possible: by disarming them, kicking their sorry asses, and escaping without getting caught, injured, or killed. What one asks when seeing an intense action scene in a movie, or even when oneself is put in an intense situation.
- Not to be confused with a similar phrase about another fictional character: What Would Jesus Do, in which one asks oneself how to be a self-righteous asshole in everyday life.
(In a scene where the protagonist is held up by ten people with assault rifles pointed at his head)
WWJD? Beat the fucking shit out of them, disarm them, and get the fuck out of there, that's what! Just like in The Bourne Identity/Supremacy/Ultimatum!
by Jeezlebauckle April 10, 2010