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To disagree, or assert the opposite.
(The original meaning was to DISPROVE something: "He refuted their claims by referring to widely accepted experimental results". But these days journalists who are unwilling or unable to assess the strength of an argument, or to check facts, just write "refute".)
"The Prime Minister refuted the suggestion that he was a fool, by saying that he wasn't."
by Jeeralangian April 03, 2006
The truly outstanding and historic "Melbourne Demons", Melbourne Football Club; renowned and envied throughout those parts of Australia where "Australian Rules" football is played. Although very skilful and talented, the team hasn't won a premiership since 1964.
"We're going down to the G to watch the Mighty Dees thrash the Pies!"

"What's better than seeing the Tigers beat Collingwood by 18 goals? Seeing the Mighty Dees beat them by just one point!!"
by Jeeralangian May 31, 2006
A lad attending a Grammar school (expensive private school) and therefore open to the scorn and ridicule of riff-raff. Alleged to be snobbish, effete, and possibly gay.
"If you can't get a girl, get a Grammar boy!"
by Jeeralangian April 03, 2006

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