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noun- A rather awkward plant commercial from the 1990's which takes a plastic/clay cartoon (usually scooby-doo) and makes moss grow out of the entire product. Very difficult to maintain once the moss grows on the whole thing.
"Thats a nice window plant you have their Germimah"- Roxy
Oh thanks, its not a window plant though, its a chichichichia-Germimah
by JeepersItsACreeper666 January 29, 2011
When Urban Dictionary users type in names of people who they don't like. Descriptions of these people include nasty sayings about who ever is being typed
*Janice looks at the screen*

Doug- a stupid cockblocker who looks like a shit

Janice- Wow, really, enough with the Urban-Wide Dissing
by JeepersItsACreeper666 August 17, 2011
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