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A word used to denote any universally-known positive or negative state of mind (i.e. pissed, over-joyed, angry, excited, happy, sad etc.)that can be used in any context and used to refer to the individual using it or various other characters additional element of guesswork, as said states of mind are not limited to those that end with "ed".
(1) S: Sara is so sashed.
H: "Sashed"????I think you are missing an "m".......oh wait, lol!
S: no, im not, its sashed. its a made up word, you can use it for anything lol.

(2)P: Hey, when is our paper due?
H: Which one?
P: The one for Social Psych.
H: You can't be serious!That is due today!
P: I am so sashed!
#confusion #universal #meaning #emotions #feeling
by JeepBrah 5000 February 09, 2009
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