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Christianism is a political ideology derived from the conservative religious views of Christian fundamentalism. It holds Christianity is not only a religion, but also a political system that governs the legal, economic and social imperatives of the state.
It would seem Christianism is the dominant theme of the Republican party base.
by Jedijoe May 13, 2005
A "truther" is somebody that confuses nutters, rightwingers, republicans, Hannity, Beck, O'Rielly FOX News pundits etc., by telling them the truth. Such is their nature when telling them the truth and rebutting their lies.
President Bush had a blank confused look on his face when a truther told him there were no WMD's in Iraq.
#truther #truth #nutters #rightwingers #republicans
by jedijoe September 06, 2009
A militant religious ideology that seeks to replace democracy with a theocracy by instituting and governing, either through change of current law or by force, their interpretation of "biblical law."
Dominionism has become a leading political force among the Republican party base.
by Jedijoe May 16, 2005
Making a perfect ass of one self before a joint session of congress, be it state or federal.
Did you see that politician in the state house during last week jumping up and down, shouting, making a JoeWilson?
#joewilson #politics #foxnews #congress #republican #conservative
by jedijoe September 15, 2009
- to focus on the frivolous, in argument or debate, so as to ignore the obvious.
Some catholics metacrap when defending the church and all the good work it does while ignoring the rape of boys by some of the churches priest.
#bullshit #ignore #spurn #oblivious #metacrapping
by Jedijoe March 05, 2012
The exuberance a group feel towards any project or policy without having put much thinking, or thought out, the disastrous outcomes such yahoosim brings.
Rick Perry, in calling social security a ponzi scheme and a monstrosity, was playing to the yahooism that was gripping his base who want to end social security.
#boorish #cloddish #brutish #teabaggers #intellectualism
by Jedijoe September 12, 2011
What a leader shows when knowingly expressing a falsehood that's then disseminated by the mainstream media and the leaders underlings.
The president sure showed liedership when telling that whopper about Weapons of Mass Destruction.
#lies #lying #falsehoods #whoppers #fib #mislead #distort
by Jedijoe February 04, 2006
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