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A German name meaning "Woman of Wisdom".
That 'Monika' over there just gave me some great advise.
by Jedi*Master*Girl March 30, 2009
An animated reality TV show, that is completely hysterical. The show includes drama, action, and romance.

The two most popular couples are:

Duncan and Courtney: The classic opposites attract couple, whom everyone wants to get together. Duncan in a juvenile delinquent with a big heart, while Courtney is the by-the-book prep who follows the rules but has a wild side. They're crazy about each other, but won't admit it. They eventually kiss in "Basic Straining".

Gwen and Trent: These two are the most dramatic couple. Gwen is the cool goth chic, and Trent is the lovable musician. Gwen and Trent liked each other from the very start. They had a few mishaps, but by the end of the season, they were dating.
Duncan: So the Princess has a dark side.
Courtney: OK. That was so gross. But it was like once I did something bad it was so much fun I just wanted more!
Duncan: Well, you could give me that kiss. That would be pretty bad.
Courtney: You're still not my type.
Duncan: Fine. Enjoy a peanut-butterless life.
Courtney: Thanks. Enjoy prison.
Duncan: I will. (Courtney kisses him)

The most popular couple on Total Drama Island gets together.
by Jedi*Master*Girl March 30, 2009

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