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Not fully functional or buggy.
I finished writing the online shopping cart system, but it's a bit cloogy. I can't figure out how to change quantities and it doesn't always delete items from the cart when you click the remove button.
#buggy #functional #broken #imperfect #flawed
by Jed Hunsaker August 23, 2006
1. A remnant of poo in your underwear, due to the lack of sufficient butt-wiping.
2. a dingleberry
Something smells. Do you have afterpoo in your shorts? Tell the truth.
#dingleberry #feces #crap #poop #poo
by Jed Hunsaker September 11, 2006
The urge to poo after you've already done your business.
I just dropped some kids off at the pool and now I got afterpoo.
#poop #poo #shit #defecate #diarrhea
by Jed Hunsaker September 11, 2006
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