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1 definition by JeckeldaJuggalo

A juggalo is a person (meaning it's Uni-Sex) who believes heavily in the way of the dark carnival. The Dark Carnival states that if we do not change our ways the world will come to an end (meaning stoping racism, sexism, and any other form of bigotry) They Treat others in their "group" as family and have nothing but love and respect for them. They Catch alot of stereotyping and hatred because the police consider them a gang. By no means are they a gang, however, they will band together whenever they need too. They suffer the hatred of just about anyone who doesnt know them because of way they dress and because of the way the Psychopathic Records artists look (the face paint specifically). They are looked at as freaks, weirdos, losers, scrubs, but they don't pay any attention to that because in the spirit of the juggalo (as every juggalo knows) who cares what others have to say about you, because if they really have nothing better to do than they're no better than you. Also is not a cult, by no means at all, You don't see us drinking punch filled with rat poison, or going out and killing because our supposed leaders told us too, NO, each and everyone of us are our own leaders. It's that simple. "we will never die alone, Juggalo's will carry on, Swing our Hatchets if we must, Each and every one of us!"

(side note: For those of you who hate ICP/Twiztid ect., Listen to some of there songs, They've worked with alot of people you probably listen to : three 6 Mafia, Snoop Dogg, Kid Rock, Proof and Bizarre of D12, and others. Song Featuring three 6: Just anotha crazy click, Song with Snoop: The Shaggy Show, Song with Proof: How I live, Song with Kid Rock: Is that You, Song with Bizarre: Wet Dreams)

To All my Juggalos out there: WOOP WOOP! MMFWCL
To all The Haters: Shut the fuck up, and watch how you talk, cuz us juggalo's aint afraid to fuck you up if we have to.
What is a Juggalo? I don't know, but I'm Down with the Clown and I'm Down for life
by JeckeldaJuggalo December 19, 2007