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1. A delectable line of ice cream novelties made by the Frecker's Ice Cream Company. Scooter Crunches, which come in primarily chocolate and strawberry, consist of a core of chocolate or strawberry ice cream. Then, there is a layer of vanilla ice cream. After another thin chocolate or strawberry layer, the outside of the treat is covered in "crunchies."

2. Application of the Scooter Crunch brand name to other similarly-crafted ice cream novelties, such as those made by Good Humor, Blue Bunny, Deconna,Greenie's, etc.

3. The manifestation of a universal and infinite higher power in the form of a corporeal embodiment in ice cream.
The other day, I ate a Scooter Crunch, and then I immediately saw the face of God.
#chocolate eclair #strawberry shortcake #god #ice cream novelty #popsicle
by JebediahScooter November 07, 2006
The human posterior, but used in such a way that denotes the quality of somebody else unwantingly being up on it.
"Yo, back up off my ass-piece."
#ass #butt #heiney #rear end #buttocks
by JebediahScooter November 06, 2006
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