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A disease, possibly terminal resulting from being a complete asshole.
His girlfriend dumped him because he has a bad case of assholitis. It might be terminal.
by Jeanine Albert September 28, 2007
a state of complete hypnosis caused by a women's breasts falling out of her shirt.
I don't know what her face looked like I was breastnotized at the moment.
by Jeanine Albert June 28, 2007
A trance like state which happens when large breasts are jutting out from a very skimpy shirt. Becoming completely fixated on only the breasts.
I couldn't focus on her face--I was breastnotized.
by Jeanine Albert June 17, 2007
Meaning : Beyond voluptuous. So incredibly curvy, and full (especially in the buttocks) that any man would die to have you
Heather thinks she needs Plastics to do a job, but she is really quite voluptua!! Oh Yeah.
by Jeanine Albert October 14, 2007
The very best I.V. stick on the unit (of a hospital). Someone who has the skill to be able to start and IV on any patient
I need an IV in room 416. Can you call the Supervisor we don't have a superstick working tonight.
by Jeanine Albert June 17, 2007
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