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A common saying to describe someone who is down right stanky and bitchy. You can see them smoking joints, stealing your graham crackers, and pooping in your cars.
Girl 1: Did you see that girl Ashley poop on my driveway the other day?
Girl 2: Yea, what a bish fish.
by JeanieXO October 20, 2009
The hypnotizing Crayola crayon which always causes one to frothe at the mouthe and dream of what could be.
guy 1: Did you see my Macaroni Yellow?
guy 2: No I ated it!
by JeanieXO October 20, 2009
A dumb and unsophisticated way of saying "I Don't Know." Usually used by lazy teenagers who spend their time going on myspace and drinking orange soda.
guy 1: Do you know what 2+2 is?
dumb teen: idk
guy 1: My house is on fire! What should I do?!
dumb teen:uhhhh...... idk....get insurance?

teacher: Karie, you wrote "IDK" on all of your test answers. Could you explain why you did this?
dumb teen: uhhh......IDK.......

-scratches head-
by JeanieXO October 21, 2009
The weird part of a convo when someone has to laugh to make it seem less awkward.
Guy 1: "I slept with your mom."
Guy 2: "LOLWUT?!?!?!?
by JeanieXO May 13, 2011
A more retarded way of saying Pooped.
girl 1: I pooted on your lawn!
girl 2: I'm calling the cops!
by JeanieXO October 20, 2009

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