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1. When a street gang finds a random person on the streets and beats the ever living hell out of him. Usual ending with the removal of the victims shoes which are then strung from power lines.
2. When any one person of either sex has intercourse with three or more people at once, consensual or not (usually the latter), and is the sole receiver.
1. "Later, me and the Crips is going gang bangin'. You in?"
2. Racheal had quite the sore cock canyon after she was gang banged.
by Jean-Rene' White January 02, 2004
Short for pornography, porno is the portrayal of any and all sort of sexual acts and quirky fetishes on any form of visual media. Used for the sexual arousal of either member of the human sex, porno is one of/most definitely (for all I know) the most popular form of mediation and source of sexual deviance.
(opinion)- Though I personally think pornography is in no way whatsoever a form of art or justifiable in any way, there is no denying that it plays an important role in curbing society's surprisingly erratic sexual tendancies.
by Jean-Rene' White January 03, 2004
A chemical derivative of opium that is used in modern day medications for the relief of moderate to severe pain. Because it acts directly on the brain and spinal cord, it most definitely causes a state of euphoria when taken in slightely greater doses (ex.-three tablets instead of one). But, in contrast, it is classified as a narcotic, and therefore can be highly addictive.
(opinion)- I've been around the block a few times, and the only drug for me is hydrocodone. And any relative there of. That shit is frickin' awesome, yo! Er... but is does suck how boring life is when you don't have any. Know what I mean?
by Jean-Rene' White January 02, 2004
The helicopter is a very difficult (and awkward, don't forget awkward) but fulfilling sexual position. It is performed by the man who, while fully erect and inside the woman (... or whatever.), proceeds to turn his entire body in a circle around the woman. All the while turning his penis inside the woman's vagina (... or whatever.).
J.R.- The tricky part is making sure your member doesn't 'pop' out while you're doing this. ... And to keep from laughing. Otherwise its great.
by Jean-Rene' White January 04, 2004
A person whom, for one reason or another, prefers sexual relations with a dead human being over a living one. Usually a previous aquaintance and generally preserved similarly to a sex doll.
(see Sexy Loser)
(opinion)- I believe that, thought not unfounded, necrophelia is one of the most peculiar and awkward fetishes. Worse than consensual defication and clown sex but not as bad as homicidal arousal and bestiality
by Jean-Rene' White January 02, 2004
An esteemed branch of mercenaries often unheralded because of their allegiance with France (a country that has never heard the end of the military failure known as World War II) and their generally private ventures. Though still quite trustworthy and considered by many countries as the most effiecient military force in the world.
All those joining the Foriegn Legion break all bonds to their former lives and take up a new fellowship with fellow Legionnaires.
by Jean-Rene' White January 02, 2004
A reputable actor, Karl Urban just recently made his big acting debut with his appearances in "The Lord of the Rings" films for his role as Eomer. Though having already been in a number of television ("White Fang", "Homeword Bound") and theatre ("Julius Ceasar") performances, his only recognizable roles would be that of the television series "Zena: Warrior Princess" for his roles as Cupid and Ceasar.
Kid #2: "Where do you come up with this stuff?"
J.R.: "From the official Karl Urban website, of course! Man, he is soooo dreamy!"
Kid #2: "Dude, are you gay?"
J.R.: "Well, maybe just a little. But we're all a little gay."
Kid #1: "You said it, Jer!"
Kid #2: "... God dammnit."

{foot-note} The pronunciation mark for the name Eomer goes above the first 'E'. My bad.
by Jean-Rene' White January 04, 2004

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