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Originally stemming from the movie Rush Hour starring Jacky Chan, Juntao played the major villain in said movie. Now, because of the frequancy and odd tone of its use, it is now used today as a greeting or word filler.
(see- wazzup)
Kid #1: Hey, there's Mikey. "Juntao! Juntao!!"
Kid #2: "Huh? Oh, hey. How's it going?"
Kid #1: "Groovy..."
Kid #2: "Cool..."
Kid #1: ...
Kid #2: ... "Juntao!!!"
Kid #1: "Juntao!!!"
by Jean-Rene' White January 03, 2004
The act and idea of deficating (shitting or pissing) on or being deficated on willingly for sexual pleasure.
The glass bottom boat is a form of consensual defication.
by Jean-Rene' White January 02, 2004
A sexual position wherein the male, while inside the female, grabs his 'partner' and proceeds to roll her on her side. A technique used to get full penetration and a more interesting sensation as the penis gets twisted ever slightly in the process.
Many of you have likely used this position and didn't know that it was a position.
Kid #2: "J.R., where do you come up with this stuff? (sicko...)"
J.R.: "Um... uh, I heard it from a friend. (Shit, I hope they don't think I'm some kind of sicko. Or sex fiend.)"
Kid #1: "Question! Can you do this with any pair of peoples?"
J.R.: "No!!! Just a man, and a woman!!!
... Or maybe two lesbians with a high priced strap-on. BUT THAT'S IT!!!"
by Jean-Rene' White January 04, 2004
A vocal game invented by... er, sorry. I sort of forgot. But its played by ending everthing you say with the words "In My Pants". When a person playing the game fails to do this, said person is then punished physically and severely (ex.- caning, ass-whupin', socked in da' gut, etc). The game ends when the time limit (if any is agreed upon) is over. ... Or just when everone gets tired of it.
Kid #1: Hey, how's it going "In My Pants"?
Kid #2: Pretty shitty "In My Pants".
Kid #3: That sucks "In My Pants".
Kid #4: ... This is pretty stupid.
Kid #1-3: GET HIM!!!
by Jean-Rene' White January 02, 2004
1.A deraugatory term geared towards men exclaming that they have a premature ejaculation problem.
2. Someone who particularly likes consensual defication on their own bodies.
1. Go shit yourself, fuck hydrant!
2. Daaayyy-mmmmn! That girl is seriously some kinda fuck hydrant.
by Jean-Rene' White January 02, 2004
1.(text book def.)- A word describing when the thoughts and actions of a particular human being towards a certain: person, place, thing, or group of any three thereof: are considered negative and/or destructive.
2.(general def.)- When a human being, for one reason or another, despises another human being.
1. J.R.- "I hate vegatables. ... And the planet Pluto."
2. Kid #2: "My Girlfriend broke up with me to go out with my best friend. I fucking hate him and that fucking bitch."
(opinion)- Ironically enough, there wasn't as many def.'s for the word 'hate' there were for the word 'love'. Still, I had a difficult time summarizing such a peculiar emotion. Nonetheless, hate is probably the quentessential emotion felt by everybody. Its possible (though not too likely, mind you) for a human being to go through life not ever feeling love. But they would almost definitely experience hate.
(final word)"No ape shall ever enter the forbidden zone!!!" <moral> Hate will end joo. It will ends us all!!
by Jean-Rene' White January 04, 2004
1. A term used mainly to describe a person's personality. Usually in that said person has what would be considered a very pessamistic outlook on innumerable parts of society, people, and their life in general. Can also mean that they have unnatural desires (see sexy loser, phsycho-tic, etc.) which would alienate them from peers. Or, in contrast, have an overly optimistic and genuinely naive point of view.
2. The fourth album by the band Korn.
Kid #1: "God fucking-dammnit, Jean-Rene'! Is there anything or anyone you don't like?! I swear, you've got some kinda' Care Bear(tm) issues!"
J.R.: "Um... er, I don't like 'the Man'. How's that?"
2. (opinion) ... I sure do like that band Korn.
by Jean-Rene' White January 03, 2004
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