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An occurance when a human being is sexually aroused by the thought and action of taking another human being's life.
(see phsycotic)
(opinion)- Homicidal arousal is the the only unnexcusable form of sexual pleasure. Most likely branching from serious, SERIOUS phsychotic issues and lack of positive human interaction. In blunter terms, these fuckers are cracked!!!
by Jean-Rene' White January 02, 2004
1. By many standards, a sexually attractive person. But due too one or more generally unnatural fetishes and habits, is not accepted or understood (or liked) unanomously by the populous.
<see necropheliac, incestual, chronic masturbater, concensual deficator, etc.>
2. A comical and pornographic comic strip filled with characters matching the description in def. #1.
1. "Melissa? Dude, she likes to make guys eat her shit!"/"Man, that melissa is one sexy loser."
2. (opinion)- Wow! Sexy Losers is the funniest fucking comic ever! ... And the writer is almost certainly going straight to hell! That sick fucking genius bastard, shooting suck in reprisal!
by Jean-Rene' White January 02, 2004
A sexual fetish involving the portrayal and dress of traditional circus clowns.
(see Sexy Loser)
I get my my face paint, purple wig, and red jumpsuit on before I even consider cracking her gash! That's how I get off, baby!
by Jean-Rene' White January 02, 2004
A term derived from a comic publication, hockey bukkake is the act of sexually assaulting a woman (... man?) with innumerable hockey sticks. Um, about eight or more. Give or take.
(see- bukkake)
Hockey. Bukkake. HOCKEY BUKKAKE!!!!

Cindy filed assault charges after she was hockey bukkake'd.
by Jean-Rene' White January 02, 2004
The personal views and ideals of any particular human being (animals may very well have opinions as well, but I'll never know) that are generally revealed to others as a form of self expression. But can also be kept to oneself as not to be offensive or abtrusive.
Opinions are usually wasted if no one know's who you are. But unprecidented and moving displays of wisdom will never be overlooked. Think about that carefully.
by Jean-Rene' White January 03, 2004
1. A character from the novel, the Lord Of The Rings. Eomer (traditionally spellt with a pronunciation mark between the 'E' and 'R'/ he is also known as Erkanbrand, apparently)is the nephew of King Theoden of Rohan. And, by the third and last installment of the series, his successer after Theoden met his end at the hands of the Witch King at Pelennor Feilds. Illustrated as a stout man and a fierce and fearless fighter, he was one of the few men to walk from the battle of Pellenor and the Black gates unscathed.
2. Also, the character Eomer is portayed in the New Line Cinema's adaptation of the novel by the actor Karl Urban.
J.R.- Ya' know, I was surprised that nobody wrote up anything on Eomer. So I thought I would pick up the slack, since Eomer so cool and Karl Urban's so sexy. If anybody wishes to add anything else, go right on ahead.
Kid #2: Like how you're a total fucking dick deployer? Jeeze', like anyone could add anything to your lousy fucking love poem. Geek.
Kid #1: You forgot to mention Eomer's sister, Eowyn.
Kid #2: ... God dammnit.
by Jean-Rene' White January 03, 2004
Originally stemming from the movie Rush Hour starring Jacky Chan, Juntao played the major villain in said movie. Now, because of the frequancy and odd tone of its use, it is now used today as a greeting or word filler.
(see- wazzup)
Kid #1: Hey, there's Mikey. "Juntao! Juntao!!"
Kid #2: "Huh? Oh, hey. How's it going?"
Kid #1: "Groovy..."
Kid #2: "Cool..."
Kid #1: ...
Kid #2: ... "Juntao!!!"
Kid #1: "Juntao!!!"
by Jean-Rene' White January 03, 2004

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