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The unholy phenomenon of attempting to inconspicuously fart while walking in a public space, hoping beyond hope that the vile stench left behind will either go unnoticed or be blamed upon some innocent, unsuspecting victim, but discovering instead that one has just shitted one's pants, thus putting oneself in a most awkward situtation, indeed.
Yo, I was at the mall with Shaniqua, when I suddenly had to fart like a mo' fo'. I thought I'd be all James Bond-like and shit and just go cropdusting. But dayom, I ended up cropsharting instead...
by Jean-Paul Shartre July 08, 2006
When you're terribly sad and you simutaneously shart in your pants.
Tammy-Paul: Now, what's wrong Micah? Talk to Tammy-Paul...
Micah: I don't know Tammy-Paul. After eating all of that chili and then hearing the news about Pinky's arrest, I just feel brokensharted.
by Jean-Paul Shartre July 08, 2006
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