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One of the scariest toys ever made. They wake up I'm the middle of the night and try to kill you, WITHOUT BATTERIES IN. They are demons and make the creepiest noises ever. Whatever they say, they're are not cute and don't want to be your friend! The only war to kill a furby is to stab it up the butt with a screwdriver.
"I bought a furby yesterday and put it on my dresser. It talked all night long, and when I woke up it was laying next to me and my arm was all bloody. I stabbed it with a screwdriver!"
by Jean-Marie Uebrick January 26, 2009
A bitch who is constantly jeali of you. If you come across a jealibitch always call her out on it. Then shart on her face, and/or play would you rather with her.
That jealibitch is always lurking around Wiltie.
by Jean-Marie Uebrick January 26, 2009
An incredibly hot guy, with an ugly girlfriend.
Has the perfect hair.
When you see him you either crack up or stop in your tracks.

Jordan: Oh my lord, is that Wiltie?
Jordan: Well is it?
Mary: Hehehehheee
by Jean-Marie Uebrick January 26, 2009

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