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3 definitions by Jean Richelle

sort of, in a way, kind of, almost but not completely, not entirely sure on a decision and/or event
Jean kinda-semi-yet-not looked as if she was lost in the crowd as she entered high school.
by Jean Richelle July 13, 2006
4 3
a lot, high quantitiy, many in store, great feeling or desire of, huge and/or large amount, like/love
She likes pizza supermuchomongo lots just because it has many different toppings.
by Jean Richelle July 13, 2006
0 2
an onamatapia used to describe victory and/or excitement, to be exstatic in what you are doing or what you have won
They won the game and Lisa screamed, "Paazaa! Here we come championship!"
by Jean Richelle July 13, 2006
3 6