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Same as a queef but with a hint of fish

(queef- a sound made by the expulsion of air from the vagina during or just after penetration)
She wanted me to go 'downtown' but after that Pelican queef no way!
by Jean Dom February 25, 2010
When someone is passed out or asleep and someone else pulls down their underwear and takes a shit in it before pulling the underwear back up so when they wake up they think they've shit themselves. Can also be done in their bed.
My lightweight mate crashed out after some beers and luckily was face down on the sofa, too good an opportunity to miss. I had a turd on the cusp so pulled his kecks down and laid a cuckoo poo in them. I then pulled his pants back up and smothered it in before slapping him awake shouting 'you dirty bastard, look what you've done, you've stunk out the room!!". Mortified he didn't show his face for a while and still thinks my cuckoo poo was his.
by Jean Dom February 25, 2010
A woman squeezing out cum from her vagina onto the face of her partner in a curling motion.
Just after having sex and crashed out on the bed my girlfriend straddles my face and tries to do a Mister Whippy on me!
by Jean Dom February 25, 2010
The passing of spunk between different receptacles, orifices and people.
Basically, I spunked in her, sucked it out, spat it into her mouth and she gave a spit shot to her mate next to us who swallowed it in the home straight of a cum relay..
by Jean Dom February 25, 2010
When a woman who has more than one guy on the go and wants a baby decides to 'let nature decide'. Often lets the guy with more cash think it's his when she gets up the duff.
Being white and blue eyed I didn't need a DNA to know the baby wasn't mine. Turned out my now ex was broody and seeing my black mate on the sly and decided to have a spunk race.
by Jean Dom February 25, 2010
When a woman is performing a Mister Whippy from the anus (squeezing cum out onto her partner's face in a circular motion) and there is an accidental follow through planting a bit of brown on top.
I thought I agreed to only let my girlfriend to do a Mister Whippy from her arse for her birthday but one little fart later and I had a 99 on my face!
by Jean Dom February 26, 2010
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