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17 definitions by Jean

bamboozled, mislead, agenda driven
Damn, I was tony'd again and didn;t even realize it.
by Jean February 18, 2005
Jeans cock is extremely long, black, hairy, wide, thick, and furry. It extends from Jean Martin all the way to the planet of Pluto. On its way to pluto, it goes through Uranus (HAR!). Jeans cock is also extremely black, so watch out for it sneaking up on you in the middle of the night as it can easily disguise itself as the sky.
Also, watch out for jeans cock on black friday. oooooooooosmf!
by Jean February 17, 2005
A lonely person, a person on their own.
To be on your jub
He/She is a jub
To feel jubful (lonely)
by Jean February 01, 2005