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What you guys aren't seeing is that Slipknot's self-titled record has a HUGE Hardcore influence--they used to go see Hatebreed all the time and you can hear it in their constant use of the frets 0 1 4 3 on the sixth string. Listen to "Eyeless"--that's a Hardcore breakdown, I'm sorry. I don't even know if it was intentional, but it sure sounds like it, and some of that record is just downright violent.

I absolutely hate this band but I do feel like something of note was created with that CD and I'm actually looking to write a critical theory piece on it from a cultural standpoint.
Slipknot fucking sucks, but that first record was very very interesting and had they not been corporate darlings from the outset I feel like their art could have been dangerous. But instead it became fare for Ozzfest metalhead faggots.
by Jeamus April 04, 2008

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