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A full blown cunt, at it's max. More than a bitch. Cunt Blossoms never die, or go out of season. Kill them all.
She is such a cock sucking Cunt Blossom.
by jealousyxkills December 11, 2009
The sexiest man from this planet. Or from Mars, as he is a martian. People hate on him because of the simple fact that they can't be him. If he really didn't matter, why are you spending time writing full paragraphs about how much he sucks? He is a great contribution to the music industry. I will marry (or Fuck) that nigga one day.
Lil' Wayne is the fuckin beastiest man alive, therefore lames and haters blog about how much they hate him on websites like this one. Jealous Much?
by JealousyxKills December 11, 2009
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