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Possibly / Probably Not Safe For Work. A variation of NSFW, indicating questionable material which may not be appropriate for viewing at the office.
Check out this link (PNSFW).
#nsfyw #pnfo #nws #possibly not safe for work #probably not safe for work
by JeJune42 August 04, 2010
Not Safe For Your Work. A variation of NSFW, reflecting the varying degrees of acceptability of sexual or violent Internet content in different workplaces. What is inappropriate for one person's office Internet browsing may be just fine for someone else. Related to PNSFW (Possibly/Probably Not Safe For Work).
Check out this site (NSFYW).
#nsfyw #not safe for your work #pnfo #nws #pnsfw
by JeJune42 August 04, 2010
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