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To jack-off while defecating.

Usually done by Fat FFXI nerds who dont have time to complete each task seperately because they are too busy engaging in online parties and lvling up their ultra-uber Black mage.
"Jim is such a dirt-bag who Crapsterbates all the time"
"I was thinking of your mom while i crapsterbated"
by JdeL March 17, 2005
1 - Looks like a burnt down forest, black stubs surrounding your every move.

2 - Could be mistaken for a chia pet

3 - The equivalent of a dinasaur bush thats never been touched.
I decided to move down my former girlfriends (Kate) undies and felt a hairy beaver tail. Quickly retracted my hand from those surroundings and proceeded to break up with her the following day. .... YES it was THAT bad.
by Jdel March 18, 2005

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