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Old women who think they're hot and think they're totall Milfs but they're not theyre just Overaged, Old and haggered
Cameron Diaz looks so overaged nowadays but did u see her in the Mask. i just had a Bruce Willis
by Jdawgthecool July 06, 2009
Occurs in real life,msn or other social networking sites. where one person will come out with a statement such as "FML my dog shat on my bed"

this will then insight the FML game in which everyone will compete as to why their lifes more shit
"FML my dog shat on my bed"
"well FML my mum threw my PS3 out the window"
"well FML i broke both my legs"
"Fuck you all my internets down, No porn for a week"
"woh dude you win the FML game"
"yh man shit fuck your life "
"id totally just kill myself"
by Jdawgthecool October 13, 2009
A grimbleship is a plutonic relationship which is spawned though two ppl having met for the first time and Grimbling.
Awww Elliott has such a good Grimbleship with Katie i mean uv gotta be freinds after having ur tongue down her throat for that long
by Jdawgthecool July 06, 2009
This is the classic signs of tempting fate catagorized by Steve irwin. its tv hosts and other crazy ppl who spend their lives tempting fate swiming with sharks, living in the wilderness, visiting the most dangerous gangs of the world. this syndrome simply is that eventually they will lose to fate. Steve irwin to be exact and end up dead. Ppl who might eventually fall prey to this Ross kemp, Bear grylls, Ray mears
"Dude Bear grylls totally got mauled by a bear"
"how fricking ironic is that "
"ah well he tempting fate "
"yh classic Steve Irwin syndrome"
by Jdawgthecool June 07, 2009
frendz zone is wen ur getting kinda romantic with a girl but u wait to fucking long to make a move. watch out bitches ur in the frends zone. she'll keep talking to u and mildly flirting with u. but there will be no touching and u get to hear about all the other guys she'd like to plough.
beware the frendz zone.
yh me and monica were getting close u kno getting ready to hit that . waited to fuckin long man now she wont shut the fuck up about that david cunt. im officially in the frendz zone .
by Jdawgthecool February 13, 2009
A sign of approval for anything. be it clothes women or an idea or a fantasy. best usage of this phrase in the awesome film eurotrip.
Scotty: mica's a girl
Cooper: he's the girl, your the girl, sometimes your both the girl. that's hot man.
by Jdawgthecool February 22, 2009
(verb)Meaning to have sex with or engage in intercourse with. but also entails doing something dirty.
"Man that girls so fit, she'd get Millie'd. seriously i would millie her anywhere any time"
by Jdawgthecool July 18, 2009

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