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2 definitions by Jdamonkyboy

A woman, who has way too many issues. Usually showing up after the fact of having dated, or sex with a man. At first you would think that these issues would manifest sooner, or before sex. Unfortunately these women have taken this to a art form, to seem normal, then to spring these issues after the fact. (Either that or the guy is just to stupid, or hard up to see what a true Psycho Bunny she really is)
Bob "So how is Sally?"

Eric "Man she turned into a real Psycho Bunny after we had sex."

Bob "Dude you need to think with the big head, not the little one, I saw that coming a mile away"
by Jdamonkyboy November 26, 2006
In dating when you think the other person is a keeper, you finally get them to agree to be with you. At this point you find that they are a total Psycho Bunny, which makes you drop them in less time that it takes to go from 0-60 in a funny car.
Bob "What happened to Sally? I thought you said she was the one for you"

Eric "Sorry dude, it was a catch and release on her."

Bob "Psycho Bunny?"

Eric "yeap."
by Jdamonkyboy November 26, 2006