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The Nazis' (short for National Socialist Party) were the leading political party in Germany through the 1930's, through which Adolf Hitler gained favour and power. They kept power until Germany lost WWII (not at the hands of the Americans by the way, the Russians were the first ones into Berlin, the Americans played little part in the taking of Germany).

They managed to get elected into power through tricking the German public into believing that Jews were the cause of all the problems incurred after WWI and through the 'removal' of anyone who stood in their way.

People may call Nazis gay- that is completely incorrect. They were homophobic, racist, facist order who believed that that the Earth was for a single perfect race- the Ayrians (sp.)- and that anyone who did not belong to this race was sub-human and treated as such. They were christians, and Hitler believed that the Ayrians were the race favoured by God and so they could not fail in their attempts to control the world.
Ignoramus: The nazis were all homos.

Intellectual: Actually, they believed homosexuality was wrong and you could be killed if it were proven that you were gay.

Ignoramus: Oh who cares they were all fucking jews!

Intellectual: Funny you should say that, because that's where you're wrong again...
by Jd_UK January 19, 2006
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