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A "skanky" citizen of Muskogee. Common term used to refer to those who are not exactly upstanding citizens.
After midnight, the only folks still out on the streets were Muskankees up to no good.
by Jd Mustain February 22, 2010
Any act which causes force to be emitted to the male genitalia area. ie; foot, punch, knee, pole, baseball, pole, etc. resulting in pain and sudden movement of hands to the affected area. Usually followed by groans of pain and simultaneous laughter.
While Josh was talking with Jonathan, Jeremy ran up and gave Josh a solid nad cruncher to the nuts.
by Jd Mustain February 21, 2010
Little balls of poop caught in the taint hair by failure to properly and completely wipe after defecating.
An hour after taking a dump, Jeremy noticed something kept pulling at his taint while walking. Upon inspection, Jeremy noticed several "taint curds" dried and packed into his taint hair.
by Jd Mustain February 21, 2010
The ultimate in awesome. Similair to "the dude" in The Big Lewbowski. The highest degree of cool attainable.
Jeremy is THE MUSTAIN.
by Jd Mustain May 27, 2010

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