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2 definitions by Jcat00

A man whose penis is is so large that it forms a shadow that often gives it the appearance of an African Anaconda.
Hey man, why does it look like you have a watermelon stuffed in your pants?
I have a Cathey.
Shit no way!
I wish I had a Cathey too.
Well your a little bitch, so no.
by jcat00 March 30, 2011
1: One who is insufficient in any number of ways, particularly intellectually and physically.

2: In intercourse, when a man cannot fulfill a woman's satisfaction, he is known as a Jabrody
Hey man, don't hang out with that kid, he's such a Jabrody!

Is it just me, or are we surrounded by a bunch of effing Jabrodies?
by Jcat00 October 13, 2010