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Hot Balls occurs when the testicles become overheated, causing extra drooping and unnecessary floppiness of the testicles. Often occurs in bed because of the consistent heating under the insulative properties of certain blankets.
Man, I woke up with a serious case of Hot balls this morning.

Also see: Slaw Balls or Hot as Balls
by Jc Dub November 10, 2005
Slaw Balls occurs when the testicles become extremely overheated, causing severe drooping and unnecessary floppiness along with copius amounts of sweat. Usually making the testicles slightly sticky or muggy.

Also See: Hot Balls
Man, ive been working out for 3 hours and now I have slaw balls...this sucks.
by Jc Dub November 10, 2005
1. The slang terms "drop a duce" orginates from the word duce which means two. Meaning that releasing two seperate portions of fecal matter would be considered "Droping a duce".

2. In slang terms, restroom activities are represented by numbers. Number 1 being urination & Number two being defication (slang: shit) Inturn "Droping a duce." Means doing a Number 2.
Person 1: Dang man, where have you been?

Person 2: Sorry I had to drop a duce. (dependind on the person, restroom time varies)
by Jc Dub April 07, 2005
Means to be bad or to wrong someone in some way.

The Word Kak Oringinates from the Greek word kakistos & kakos which means bad/worst. It was later used in words such as kakistocracy which means goverened by the worst.
"Hey, I thought you were coming over yesterday?..Man youre a kak."

"Dang man you freakin kak'ed me over"
by Jc Dub April 07, 2005
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