12 definitions by Jbx

A very lame attempt at creating an IM program..

No features at all...
And can never remember your number!
ICQ wow how fun!...not!
by jbx December 05, 2004
UK music talent search

Start with 50,000 contestants and end up with one winner

Judges include Simon Cowell, Lowie Walsh and Sharon Osbourne
Im gonna watch Xfactor this Ssaturday
by jbx December 05, 2004
1. The thing girls do best
2. Aka Blowjob
Claire decided to give it a blow
by Jbx December 05, 2004
The greatest WebMaster forums on the net: Webmaster Talk
Im gonna surf right over to WT
by Jbx December 05, 2004
For guys who dont have a girl
Tom didnt have a girl so he luked at porn
by Jbx December 05, 2004

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