2 definitions by Jbrusee

A noun used to describe someone who thinks they're tough, but in all actuality would get owned in a quick minute.

A playful and more friendly way of calling someone a pussy.
(Often said with a Jamaican accent for comedic effect)
"Hey bro will you back me tonight Ryan wants to fight me"
"Pay him no mind he's nothin but a pepsi legs"


"Lets take shots!"
"Sorry I don't drink vodka"
"C'mon pepsi legs!"
by Jbrusee November 26, 2009
Worse then a pussy is a cat's vagina. You are basically reiterating how large of a pussy the individual is.
Ryan: dude your gay

Jesse: dude your a fuckin cats vagina don't talk
by Jbrusee November 24, 2009

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