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Origination from the Swine Flu; if you suddenly have itching, bumps, breakouts etc downstairs from a knowingly "dirty girl" or "slut" you have a swine d**k. Thus, the girl is now catagorized as a SWINE. A swine is any girl that has been anonymously called a slut by the opposite sex.
A girl must meet at least 3/5 these characteristics to be named a swine:
1. Has had sex with at least 3 people you know
2. Wears clothing that is extremly revealying but yet doesnt look good
3. Tries way too hard
4. Hooks up with everybody and anybody
5. You would not have sex with her unless you have had way to much to drink and it is past 2am

*a swine is not respected by anybody*
Damn bro i cant believe you didnt wrap your willy, that girl is a swine!!

Omg, i can name 3 guys she has had sex with in this room, shes such a swine!

Dude my **** itches from that swine!
ahah you have a swine ****!

Bro why you messin with that swine when you could be getting that dime
by Jbr0o April 26, 2009

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