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3 definitions by Jbino17

When a group of guys ejaculates on a bed and throws a passed out drunk chick on the bed and upon waking, the chick is stuck to the bed.
Amy was fly papered last night by the football team and is still stuck to the bed.
by Jbino17 November 18, 2010
When two guys simultaneously ejaculate in a girls ear canal.
The other night, Serg and I gave Danielle ear plugs during the gang bang.
by JBino17 November 18, 2010
When one guy busts on a girls eyes, sticks his dick in her mouth, and two more guys give her ear plugs (bust in her ears simultaneously).
Mike's sister was Helen Kellered yesterday and since then she hasn't been able to see, speak, or hear.
by Jbino17 November 18, 2010