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America's most popular "take a dump" magazine. Hence the word, digest.
"Man, this one gon take a while, you got any readers digest on u?"
by Jazzist June 22, 2006
Someone who refuses to get a Facebook, cuz they either thinks it makes them cool ("non-conforming") or cuz they refuse to join the cult that has kicked MySpace's ass by storm.
Come on, get one you pussy facebook refuser! You're already uncool to begin wit! This mite help at least a lil bit.
by Jazzist August 15, 2006
A fun game you can challenge others or yourself to: start at any page you want, and try to get to another page only using direct clicking! And you can't press the back button.
When I played the Wikipedia Game I was able to get from World War II to Doughnut by clicking USA => Cuisine of the United States => Dessert => Breakfast => Doughnut. Only 5 clicks!
by Jazzist November 06, 2007
A general seal of quality for a movie. Indicates how entertainin it is, and how good it makes yo' popcorn taste.
Seein Wesley Snipes kick Dracula's ass is popcorn friendly, man. Let's get that movie.
by Jazzist September 19, 2006
Someone who takes forEVER to get a damn Facebook (usually at least a year) for whatever reason. Social pressure, realizing they're not cool without one, etc, etc...
Bout TIME you get one, late facebook bloomer pussy!
by Jazzist August 15, 2006
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