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The art of watching TV whilst simultaneously surfing on a laptop.

Practiced by many at many different levels of expertise, but very few achieve true mastery of demanding sport. Great skill is needed to be both immersed in a TV show/film whilst also multi-tabbing Facebook, eBay and Youtube.

Considered a hobby by most enthusiasts, also known as DSAs (Dual Screen Artists). Like any hobby, specific times are set aside for Dual Screening, and can be practiced for long periods by veterans.

When in this state the DSA is unreachable by other humans, and will not respond to any attempts at communication or other worldly distractions.
Guy 1: Hey bro! Wanna hang tonight?
Guy 2: Nah sorry dude, I'm dual screening tonight, I'm gonna watch Wedding Crashers again whilst skyping my cousin, writing an essay on the first world war and watching kitten videos!
Guy 1: ... Tosser.

Girl 1: Hey baby... I'm feeling randy. Can I come over??? ;)
Guy 1: Kk
Girl 1: Are you dual screening again?!?!
Guy 1: No
Girl 1: Ok well I'm coming ove-

Guy 2: Hey bro get off the fucking couch! Let's go on a pussy patrol!
Girl 1: Don't even bother. He's dual-screening... he'll be gone for at least another hour.
#double screening #2 screening #dopplescreening #bratwurst #multi-tabbing #browsing #antisocialism #porn #youtubing
by Jazzalenko September 01, 2011
Two friends who can't spell who have a sexual realtionship without being emotionally involved. Tipically two good friends, both of which having failed english class, who have casual sex without a monogamoose realtionship or any kind of commitmant.

There is a high chance of them being dyslexic.... that is, dsyleicix.
DUDE: Hey man so you still going out with sara?

DUDE2: Nah just friends with benifits.

DUDE: I think you're saying it wro-

#fuck #buddies #firends #benefits #with
by jazzalenko August 28, 2010
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