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When you remember at the last minute you have to make dinner and realize that you didn't prepare anything before hand. Eventually you decide to just boil some pasta and heat up some Ragu.
"Pasta again?"
"Yeah, tonight was a Spaghetti Night Scramble"
by JazzDemon November 17, 2011
A rather outspoken individual who likes to broadcast their opinions to the world on the back of their vehicle. They achieve this through the medium of bumper stickers which tend to cover ninety percent or more of their vehicles' backside. They tend to drive the following cars: the Toyota Prius, a Chrysler minivan, or any pickup truck made by GM. In addition to this they do not know the correct use of the passing lane on the highway.
As soon as I saw that bumper buster pull out in front of I decided to move two lanes over.
by JazzDemon November 15, 2011

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